Art and Services

Thank you for your interest in our art and services. While we have a vast available inventory, we also highly encourage commissioned pieces. Please reach out through our contact page to arrange time to discuss your next commission


“You use a glass mirror to see your face. You use works of art to see your soul.” – George Bernard Shaw

Unparalleled handcrafted whimsical wreaths

Our wreaths are created using a unique process giving them an appearance like no other. From hand made light up mushrooms to natural materials gathered on one of our outdoor adventure each wreath has its very own personality that speaks solely to its intended owner. Is that you? Along with the whimsical all season wreaths check often for new seasonal holiday wreaths. These wreaths are made with the same care and high quality materials as all of our fantasy based wreaths

Distinguished Handcrafted Writing Instruments

Check out our Ballpoint pens in a wide variety of styles and sizes dressed in different wood, acrylic or a combination of the two. Maybe you are looking for something a little fancier like a roller ball or fountain pen. We offer several styles in many different materials to include Fordite, Mammoth tooth, and domestic and exotic hardwoods.

Amazingly Hand Sculpted Vessels

Whether used as a potion bottle or purely for decoration these bottles will surely strike up a conversation. Our bottles are hand sculpted using polymer clay and other media then meticulously hand painted suitable for a side table decoration or a seasonal décor prop.

Handcrafted Kitchen Gadgets and Other Items

Tired of using the same old utensils to complete your mundane kitchen tasks? Our kitchen gadgets are high quality stainless steel with hand turned handles that are hand wash only. Products include pizza cutter, vegetable peelers, bottle openers, and bottle stoppers.

Commissioned Sculpted Items

Whether it is a piece for a specific spot in your house or a unique gift idea, your imagination is the only limit. Check out the gallery for previous commissioned sculpted pieces. We also offer custom laser engraving.

Commissioned Turned Items

Whether it is a special material you have or would like us to source or a one of a kind gift we can help. Ask about our Honor Guard pens to memorialize your fallen Veteran. We also offer custom laser engraving.